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AquaYama offers the possibility of putting its Customers in contact with the natural world in many forms and possibilities. Our
Mission is to bring man closer to Nature, creating Natural Aquariums and more. We
take care of the management of natural lakes, which we create and maintain, harmonizing them in our client's 
garden. an inexhaustible source of emotions season after season. Paludariums and Terrariums complete our offer and give a more complete address of the ways in which our customers can find benefit in enjoying nature in their home or workplace.


AquaYama offers the possibility of creating multiple types of layouts.

The inspiration always comes from Nature, through which it is possible to animate the 5 glasses that make up an aquarium. Through a careful analysis of the needs of each customer, both in aesthetic and functional terms, we are able to design each creation so that it will be successful

and will be able to give satisfaction to those who will be able to enjoy it. Often we do not know where to start for the preparation as the materials offered by the market are very numerous. We will guide you in the best choice in order to obtain the most natural result possible. A good job is accomplished only if, when the composition is mature, you will no longer see the hand of those who made it: Nature takes over by creating its own balance of which the creator has only given an address.

Why choose AquaYama for the realization of your corners of nature: ​ ​

  • Wide availability of selected materials
  • Best brands of technical products and aquarium management Maximum
  • customization according to customer needs Consultancy and evaluation
  • for restyling projects of existing compositions
  • After sales assistance


  • Maintenance formula ”ZERO THOUGHTS ”: the Customer takes care exclusively of feeding the fish daily and enjoying the show, AquaYama will take care of the rest with ordinary and extraordinary maintenance based on various needs
  • Maintenance “A THREE ARMS ”: The Customer carries out routine maintenance (water change, glass cleaning, filter cleaning) and AquaYama intervenes from time to time for more complex maintenance, as being a constantly evolving ecosystem it can become periodically necessary an intervention to restore harmony to the composition
  • Extraordinary interventions: Rearrangement or rearrangement of an existing aquarium, which for various reasons has suffered problems. AquaYama can intervene to allow each tank to express its maximum potential.
  • Personalized formulas: based on the customer's needs, interventions in presence or at a distance can be agreed where our consultancy is aimed at solving certain problems (algae, fish deaths, plant deaths, etc.)

The maintenance of your aquarium can be a relaxing time for the aquarium enthusiast, not everyone has the time to devote themselves to this practice. We can help those who want to enjoy the beauty of an aquarium at home or at your place of work. To do this, we dedicate ourselves to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of our achievements and projects already started.

The interventions are analyzed on the basis of the state of the aquarium and are aimed at improving or to the maintenance of the balance and harmony created within it. Sometimes there may be imbalances within the ecosystem that can cause the beauty achieved to degenerate, a ready and conscious intervention can resume and restore the order of things . We offer the maximum availability in terms of times and methods of management, agreeing with the Customer the appointment and managing the intervention in such a way as to cause the least possible discomfort in commercial activities or private homes. We give the possibility to those who believe in our project, but for problems of geographical distance they cannot use our service in presence, to rely on our remote experience. The goal is always the resolution of numerous possible problems.


Nature according to AquaYama

Natural lakes, Paludariums, Aquaterrariums, are just some of the ecosystems that we can create in your homes or offices. To find a new way of experiencing nature, there are therefore different paths that can be followed so that each customer can find their own solution based on the time and space available to maintain these creations.

We offer our experience and sensitivity to harmonize our creations in your environments. Do you have an idea but you don't know how to make it happen? We are there to transform your wishes actually!



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